Whether you are religious or not, Saint Benicio* has got you covered when it comes to listening to all of your prayers, thoughts, and delusions during the coronavirus pandemic. A lot feels out of control however there is still peace and hope to be had. Everyone's situation differs but what unites us is that, together, we can save each other with our collective positivity and empathy we put out into the world. Most importantly, may this candle be a reminder to STAY SAFE AT HOME to flatten the curve and save lives. 


By purchasing a Saint Benicio prayer candle, you will be supporting impacted artists, small businesses and community response and recovery efforts. 


10% of every purchase will be donated to United Way LA and Animal Haven. Please, take the time to check out these organizations and how they are helping different communities. 


All art and candles are created in Los Angeles, CA by artist Kelli Reilly and her son (dog), Benicio Del Tardie. 


*Saint Benicio was modeled after Saint Martin De Porresis the saint of mixed-race people, barbers, innkeepers, public health workers, and all those seeking racial harmony. He was noted for his work on behalf of the poor, establishing an orphanage and a children's hospital. In no way, shape, or form does this candle serve as a mockery or sacrilege but rather an artistic homage to the historic figures who lived their lives helping others. 

"Saint Benicio" Prayer Candle

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  • Designed and created in Los Angeles, CA. 

    Candle Info: 

    • 8.0 inches (H) x 2.25 inches (W) x 2.25 inches (D)
    • Glass jar, white parrafin wax, cotton wick, unscented
    • Approx. 100 Hour Burn Time